Trails Within Yoga Studio is Closed

updated 10/29/20

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Dear Trails Within Community,


It’s with an extremely heavy heart that I announce the closing of the physical space of Trails Within. It’s been a long and difficult eight months trying very hard to keep hold of the studio during COVID, and I simply can’t afford to hang on any longer. I will be releasing the space back to the landlords on November 1st.


Cultivating grace in being comfortable with uncertainty, trusting in going with the flow instead of against it, and practicing non-attachment to that which we can’t control are foundational principles of the yogic path. I’m trying hard to practice what I teach and what I truly believe, by letting go and releasing my grip.  I will remain hopeful that there will be a silver lining and a new opportunity in the future for Trails Within.


It’s very difficult to write this and to find the words that are in my heart. How can I possibly sum up all these years in just a few paragraphs?  I’ve owned and operated Trails Within now for over 8 ½ years. I opened the studio and had my daughter at the same time, and it was a wild and difficult road for the first few years; birthing these two babies.  Owning Trails Within far exceeded any expectations that I had when I first embarked on this journey. The studio has been a beautiful healing space not just for the local community, but for hundreds of visiting students and instructors who have joined us over the years. The community of extraordinary people that have filled the walls of our sweet little studio will forever be in my heart.  It has been such a joy to share these years with all of you and I’m truly honored to have been a part of something so special.


In a blink, eight years have passed, and we are finding ourselves in unprecedented times with no easy roadmap for the future. Luckily though, we can do hard things. So many of you have blossomed in your home yoga routine, have adjusted to strange (new-normal) online yoga classes and have kept going during this difficult year.  Those of you that have adapted, changed and have been willing and determined to keep up with your yoga practice are so inspiring!


If you haven’t heard, this year I’ve become a third grade homeschool teacher for my daughter. One of my favorite lessons we’ve learned together is why the leaves change color in the fall. When the trees sense the days getting shorter, the chlorophyll (green pigment) in the leaves slowly begins to decrease producing food for the tree. This allows the other pigment colors (yellow, orange, red) their chance to shine through and have their glory. These other colors are already part of the leaf, but we don’t see them because of all the green from the chlorophyll. The wisdom of these deciduous trees shows us that by letting go when it’s time, we can then see the incredible splendor of the fall season.


My plan for now is to keep Trails Within as a business, even though the physical space is closed. I will continue to practice, to offer recorded classes, live stream classes through zoom, workshops and specialty classes as always (and teach outdoors as weather allows). My hope is that a new version of my business will shine forth as I’m able to let go of what I can no longer control. For now, I’m working on being content with not knowing and trusting that it will all unfold.


If you are interested in saying goodbye to this 8-year chapter, I would love to see you! If you would like to walk through the studio one last time and have an informal gathering outdoors, please join me in saying farewell to the physical space of Trails Within:

Saturday, October 31st 10:00am-11:00am

  • Masks and social distancing please (only air hugs for now)
  • We will gather in a socially distanced group outdoors to be in community and then you will have a chance to walk through the studio alone
  • Please be prepared for the space to look differently because I’ve removed the props and décor
  • No RSVP needed – I’ll be there!

Together we have celebrated 8 wonderful years in this sweet little space, and I feel only gratitude for what it has provided. It was a place to gather, to commune, to grow and learn. What a blessing for me and for so many others.

Thank you is not enough.

From my heart to yours, from my light to your light, I bow to you.



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